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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A note to new BJD collectors

DollHeart's Little Alice set, photo property of DollHeart
I'd like to write a little note to the new BJD collectors I've recently introduced to these wonderful dolls, and give you a gentle word of advice. The past week, I've been scouring Den of Angels and the Resin Café marketplace forums to find myself a Lati Yellow sized doll--a size I don't currently have in my collection. I love Miel's face, actually (she's in the bunny ears).

"But I thought you were a Peak's Woods fan, Alison!"

I am. I asked at Peak's Woods' Q&A board to see if there might be plans in the works to make a doll of this size first, of course. (There isn't, so far, unfortunately.)

But I love these little Alice outfits. Technically, DollHeart calls them, "Little Alice in the Wonderland." I haven't decided whether I need the pink or blue, or maybe the set. Probably the set. Then I will have outfits for her. (You simply must check out DollHeart's Lati selection!)

OK. So my advice to you new BJD collectors: never buy an outfit for a doll you do not own. This is a bad way to go. First, what if you get the doll, and you don't really like her? It's always better to see the doll in person first, and decide whether you want to try a new scale. Then, if you like the size, budget for the doll and buy it. Only then invest in a wardrobe.

For goodness' sake, I wrote the book! Can't I follow my own advice? LOL!

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