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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Viyol is on sale at Peak's Woods today!

Good Witch by alington
Good Witch, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Today's summer special at Peak's Woods is the lovely Viyol! I think she is one of the most under-appreciated sculpts, and one of my favorites (if I'm allowed to have favorites). Regularly $580, $464 will get you the 58 cm assembled doll with extra posing hands in normal or white skin, large or normal bust. Peak's Woods orders include a wig and high quality acrylic eyes, also.

Add $60 for a face-up (or $70 for custom make-up--my Viyol has a Glamour version), and if you like, $100 for an additional large torso part. (Why order the torso part now? They pour it at the same time, so the resin will match perfect and yellow at the same rate. It adds a little versatility to your doll, if you're not afraid of restringing.)

It's a great deal. Check out real-life photos of Viyol on Flickr!

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