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Thursday, February 12, 2015

New dolls from Peak's Woods - and change in basic dolls

Dandy Shaia
Wow--big changes are happening at Peak's Woods! First, there are four new Dandy boys coming soon:

They go on sale February 15-28, 2015, and start at $590. Upgrade to suntan or blue-grey skin for another $80. Faceups are $90, and hand blushing and nail painting is available (natural or black) for $35. Basic dolls are 61cm tall (very close to SD13 long leg size), and include a pair of glass eyes, cotton cushions and certificate of authenticity.

Dandy Lottie
Dandy Lavin
Dandy Briana
Additionally, the four original Dandy boys will also be available at the same time (in normal or white skin). These sculpts include:
After February 28, the boys will only be offered as limited edition dolls on occasional release, and basic dolls will not be available. Peak's Woods' update mentions that this is the last release of the original Dandy boys. This change should help increase shipping times, as they will only be offering particular sculpts at specific times. 

Next month, there will be a special event for the large girls (both FOB and AB) as well. Heads won't be offered separately, after this ordering period. For now, though, heads can still be purchased, but without a makeup option.

Finally, the selection of Oscar Eyes has been updated as well.

You can read Peak's Woods' update here. Photos are property of Peak's Woods.

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