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Saturday, September 1, 2012

OOAK Doll In Mind Larina hybrid artist doll for sale - Freaky Little Things

OOAK Larina, by Freaky Little Dolls. Photo property of Freaky Little Dolls.

One of my favorite sculpts from Doll In Mind, it's the lovely mini sized Larina. Yve from Freaky Little Dolls has given her a wonderful new face-up, and she's a hybrid on a Dollzone MSD sized double-jointed body.

She is available for sale as a full set, including the blonde wig, gorgeous blue glass eyes, and outfit, which includes a cotton print overall set, ribbon choker, and lilac mary jane shoes. For her listing, visit Den of Angels. She's listed for just $280 plus shipping from the UK, which is really a steal.

Go see more eye candy of this gorgeous girl on Yve's photostream. She is just lovely.

This is the same artist who did my one-of-a-kind Goldie. (Quick, someone buy her before I have to, LOL!)

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