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Thursday, December 6, 2012

D.i.M. Christmas event

Doll in Mind Bellose - on my wish list
All right--I confess, I have had several Doll in Mind dolls on my mind and my wish list forEVER. And there is a great Christmas event going on right now. Check it out:

Kassia from DiM.

  1. Buy any complete doll, and get a free head (company choice) of the same size. The heads are chosen randomly.
  2. Love male & female body event: For $250, you can buy a complete, unassembled Love body (male or female), and the Happy body is just $170. The package includes elastic strings and S-hooks, but no box.
Great deals! They last through December 31, 2012. Also--Denver Doll Emporium is a DIM dealer. They are at least offering the free head event.

My problem: I can't decide which of these girls I like the most! I adore three of the large Love girls: Bellose, Kassia and Leonora. Bellose seems sad and a bit droopy. I love that. Kassia seems the most wicked of the three, depending on how you set her eyes. Leonora has the largest lips and eyes of the three, and the most baby-ish face--plus her upper lip sticks out.

Leonora, a newer girl from DiM.
If that's not enough, I could possibly use a smaller size--since I'm running out of room in my cabinet. A Happy girl might bit in my collection a bit better. I really love Luria's pouty face.

D.i.M. Luria - Happy size
Flowne has also been on my mind for ever--since those three fairy dolls have come and gone. All three are now available as non-fairy sculpts as well (Morning Dew and Fantasia), but I love Flowne's drooping ears.
Flowne - D.i.M. Happy girl
Benetia is one of those girls that has always been on my wish list, and she just has never gotten home to me. I always mark her as a favorite on Flickr, and I think--well, I think she may be it. She's a mini vampire. There is also a half-closed eye head for her, which I would love to have.

D.i.M. Happy size Benetia
My birthday is in January. I think I might need to broaden my horizons a bit. What do you all think? Do you have a vote? A favorite?

Photos are property of D.i.M.dolls.

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  1. Hi!
    I think my favorite is Flowne-- Her expression is so sweet!

    I have another question about Goodreau dolls for you. The one I'm considering is Privera, the one with the changeable ears. Do you know how her ears attach? Is it with a peg, magnet, etc.?

    Thank you again for your help!

    --Anonymous future BJD owner :)


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