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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Peak's Woods Dandy boys released at the KBJD Show this weekend!

Peak's Woods

Dandy and Cosmo have debuted at the Korean BJD show at the Peak's Woods booth. Dandy uses a modified Bella the Moon sculpt, and Cosmo is a new sculpt. There is a third boy, too--Segi--who is being released as a limited edition along with a twin sister with a special faceup with freckles.

They are 61cm tall, and retail is $590, starting has price. They are double jointed and they pose amazingly well. I'm not usually a fan of boy dolls, as you all well know. But I adore these guys!

Guess who is coming home with me this weekend!

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  1. Did you buy both Alison? Their costumes look wonderful and I can't wait to see them on Peak Woods website.


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