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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Bebe line available from Dollpamm!

New cuties are available from Dollpamm - a brand new size - the Bebe line! This size stands only 11cm in height and is fully ball-jointed.

Dizzying Hachi
Starting price is $150 for a blank BJD in pink resin (add $20 for camel-toned resin), and for the first time, a face-up is being offered for an additional $35. Two weeks will be added on to production time if you choose to add a face-up. There are five new face molds to choose from--I think Po-Yo and Po-Bi are my two favorites. Co-Mo looks like a tiny version of Momo to me!
Singing Shana

Bebe Kitty Parts are sold separately, and include ears, tail and a pacifier for $30 (for the unpainted set). The pacifier is attached to the doll's lips with putty or clay, and the other pieces with magnets.

While I was looking around, I happened to see two new faces in the Loli menu: Singing Shana and Dizzying Hachi. Maybe they've both been around a while, but they are new since my last visit. I think Hachi is just adorable!
Photos are property of Dollpamm.

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