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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Peak's Woods tan dolls are available to order!

Honey Queen tanned Yeru, limited edition by Peak's Woods
Peak's Woods new tanned dolls are available to order and have prices listed. They are all so lovely, I don't know how I'm going to decide. Here are the details:

One of their most adorable sculpts, Fairy of Color (58cm) Yeru Honey Queen, $619 plus $80 for the limited face up, includes your choice of a normal or large bust (the large fits DollHeart outfits better), an extra pair of hands, a random pair of 18-20mm eyes, a random wig (though I'd kill for the one she's wearing--it's adorable!), cushions and certificate of authenticity. Yeru has a super sweet anime style face.

If you prefer a more realistic sculpt, Yeru The Soul may be the Fairy of Color for you. She is the same price, $619 plus $80 for a limited face-up, and includes all the items above. In her promotional photos, she is wearing wig number P-00 in color #88, which is often included as one of the random wigs.

Honey Princess Lady Bee is available for $409 plus $80 for her face-up. She includes an extra pair of hands, a random pair of 18mm acrylic eyes, a pair of cushions and a certificate of authenticity. The wig is extra, and the one shown is P-05 in color #88.

Finally, we have Honey Princess Wake Up Lady Bee Romantic Elf. This doll has elf ears. She includes all of the above items as well, and is also listed for $409 plus $80 for her limited edition face-up. I don't see her wig listed.

I just love them all--but if I had to choose one, I'd choose Wake Up Lady Bee. I'd love to get Yeru, too. We'll see if I can sell some dolls to pay for both. Peak's Woods will do generous lay-away plans, and the dolls are on sale from now through September 30. Don't miss out--the tan resin is gorgeous.

All photos property of Peak's Woods.

Honey Queen tanned Yeru the Soul by Peak's Woods

Honey Princess tanned Lady Bee

Honey Princess tanned Wake Up Lady Bee Romantic Elf


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