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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Lusion dolls from Dollmore

Somnambulinsomnia Dahlia - LE10
Available now from Dollmore, two new gorgeous and huge (79 cm or about 31") Dahlia Lusion BJDs are available to order.

First--a dreaming eyed Somnambulinsomnia Dahlia, a sleepwalking full set, is available for $1750. She's limited to just 10 pieces, and is available in normal skin only.

This gorgeous girl is also now available in an elf sculpt, and is called Somnambulinsomnia Elf Dahlia. She is limited to 30 pieces, and retails for $1850.

I've always been enchanted by this gorgeous sculpt, but I don't think I could sneak in a doll quite this size!
Somnambulinsomnia Elf Dahlia - LE 30
Photos property of Dollmore.

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