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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New limited edition BJDs from Peak's Woods!

Two new limited edition dolls have been announced at Peak's Woods. Yeru - Into the Woods and Bella the Moon - Into the Woods. The dolls can be ordered as full sets, blank or a la carte, and the outfit, created by Corona, is also available separately.

Base price of the large dolls starts at $522 for a Fairy of Color (58cm) doll in your choice of white or normal skin, large or normal bust. It's $590 for the Absolute Beauty (two body styles, three bust options). Full set option is $718 for FOC, $786 for AB body.

Additionally, you may order just the face-up for $70, additional AB hand parts for $28, boots for $36, and the outfit for $126.

The outfit includes: inner dress, dress, cape, arm warmers, a belt and the basket. Plus, the doll will include a random pair of acrylic eyes and the wig shown.

They are available for ordering from now, February 13, through March 17, 2013.

I haven't ordered Bella yet--though I've got both a tan and normal skin Yeru--both dolls are so adorable! Yikes! I'm loving the creepy white eyelashes and eyeliner on Bella.

Photos of course are property of Peak's Woods.

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