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Friday, June 7, 2013

Update on Fairyland tan skin option

According to a post on Fairyland's blog:
Dear customers,
We are happy to announce the release of tan skin for MiniFee.
This announcement will explain some more information on this new product.
Tan Skin option is available to A-Line A la Carte, A-Line body, M-Line A la Carte, M-Line body and other body parts.
We regret to announce that B-Line MiniFee will not be available in tan skin.
Also, following 5 heads from A la Carte are excluded from the tan skin option.
- Carl, Marcia, Seorin, Eliya, Ruth
M-Line A la Carte and body will become temporarily sold out from June 30.
A-Line A la Carte and body in tan skin will be available until August 31, same as LittleFee and PukiFee A la Carte products. 
Sorry, BJD fans, but if you wanted a tan Carl, Marcia, Seorin, Eliya, or Ruth, you're SOL! Also, if you're considering a new M-Line body, you'd better order it by June 30, since it looks like it will be marked as sold out by then.

Shoot! I was hoping for a tan version at the end of July. Maybe I'll have to settle for an A-Line?

I have to wonder a little about why those sculpts aren't available as tans. My first guess would have been a recast issue, but I know one of the most common recast dolls I've seen in tan is Chloe (well, at least online). Then, maybe I thought perhaps it's an issue with the sleeping face--I know Marcia's sleeping face is really a dreaming face--but the others--they aren't, are they?

Anyhoo--maybe they have full-sets or something planned for the future. Oh yes--tan skin adds an additional $30, and according to Fairyland, and addition 10 days processing time. Not too bad!

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