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Monday, August 5, 2013

Help Out Your Fellow Dolly Friend & Vote

In honor of a photo contest put on by Peak's Woods on Facebook, I decided to make a special outfit for my FOF Hucky.  The contest requires a person to take a picture with their doll, so I made sure Hucky's OOAK outfit matched mine.  We are both sporting pink dresses with white dots.  Can you also tell I did some bokeh work with my camera?

Now, I need your help!  If you are on Facebook, please "like" my photo on the Peak's Woods page.  Your help will be greatly appreciated and will actually help contribute to further MegannArt dolly clothing on new doll bodies.

Remember, go to this photo on Facebook to vote, and you have to "like" the photo itself, not a comment, feed, etc.

Support an artist!  Visit my website (MegannArt) for an Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook (with occasional discounts), Pinterest page, and much more.  Plus, there is even a new pattern book out now that has some BJD patterns, called Dolly Bureau!

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