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Friday, January 24, 2014

New LE Tristan - Fairy of Color Black - from Peak's Woods

FOC LE Elf Tristan
She's new, she's limited, and she goes on sale on January 31 through February 28, 2014 at Peak's Woods. There are two different sculpts available.

Above - Elf Tristan is a new Fairy of Color, available in four colors - suntan (!!), grey, white or normal. She includes a wig, glass 16mm eyes, and sculpted elf ears (which are painted but not pierced). Basic Lolita hands are included, unless you order the special hand parts with long nails.

Below - Vampire Tristan is also available in those four colors, and has pointy ears and sculpted vampire fangs. She also has the option of special hands.

Full prices aren't listed yet--but it looks like the LE face-up will add $90, the limited hand parts will add $25-30, depending on the color, nail art will add $40, and heel feet will add $25-30, depending on color.

Interestingly, Tristan won't be added as a basic doll. And I see a new name under face-up artist--Bhar. The style looks a little different, and I adore the nails!

FOC LE Vampire Tristan

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  1. She's a lovely girl and I would love to own either (or both) but what I love most about her is those gorgeous hands! It appears only a very few artists have the knack to sculpt hands with such beauty.


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