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Friday, January 17, 2014

UK's RoseDolls Charity Raffle - and store closing!

Directly from RoseDoll's website--please pay them a visit for a great cause!

Charity Raffle!
RoseDolls are holding a charity raffle with awesome prizes to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Further to our 50% discount just recently announced, we will be donating the remaining 50% of sales of our in stock items directly to the charity fund.

With our greatest regret, we wish to inform everyone that we will be closing. After the raffle is complete and money donated to charity, we will be officially closed. We invite you to read on about our last endeavour!

Why this charity/ What is it all about?
In 2010, in the United Kingdom alone, 325,000 people were diagnosed with cancer. That is 890 people a day. In addition, it is estimated that 1 in 3 people will develop cancer in their lifetime. (Source: Cancer Research UK).  Cancer has, and will continue to affect the lives of millions- not just those diagnosed, but also their family and friends who care for them. It is something close to the heart of RoseDolls and was chosen not only because of this, but due to its existence and prominence all over the world. This is significant, as we know this message will reach a BJD community worldwide.

This charity uses it’s donations in order to fund cancer research, thus the development of treatments for many types of cancer. This has benefited the lives of countless people affected and with further funding will undoubtedly help save more lives. To find out more, please take a look at the official charity website:
Every single penny raised will go straight to Cancer Research.

What are the prizes?
We have some fantastic prizes donated to us be wonderful companies! We thank them for their display of generosity:

1st Prize:Little Monica donated a beautiful Little Harmony Irin. She is a ¼ size doll, in white skin tone. She comes with a pair of acrylic eyes only and without face up. 
Company Picture:

Details can be found here:
2nd Prize: 
  RoseDolls are donating a Dikadoll Shall Head, with face up (as in pictures). (Additional items TBC) He is a 70cm doll head in a creamy white skin tone.
Company picture:
3rd Prize: 
Ersa Flora and Alice’s Collections have donated to us 21 pairs of lovely BJD eyes. Some are acrylic and some glass, ranging from natural browns, to vibrant blues, rainbows, anime eyes, pupil-less, glittery and more. They also range from 14mm to 20mm, though, the majority are 14mm and 16mm. Perfect for trying out a new look for your dolls!
(More pictures soon)
So… tell me more about these raffle tickets….
As of the 27th of December, raffle tickets will be sold until the 30th of January 2014. Drawing will take place on the 31st of January 2014 and the winners announced on the 2nd of February 2014. (Deadline may be extended to allow more time for fund raising. We will immediately notify everyone if this is happens and adjustments to dates will be made as appropriate. )

One raffle ticket is a £1 GBP.  Tickets are electronic and will be submitted for drawing once we have confirmed that everything is ok. Raffle tickets can be purchased on our site here:
There is no limit on the number of raffle tickets you can purchase, so of course the more you purchase the greater chance you will win a prize! There will be free shipping for this prize to the winner worldwide (Though we kindly ask the winner to provide funding if they wish to have extra insurance to cover the full value of their prize where applicable.)

IMPORTANT : Please order the raffle tickets alone; If you wish to make other purchases please make it a separate order! This will help us greatly with preparation for drawing winners. Thank you.
We hope you can spare a small amount to support this cause, a cause which is heartfelt and dear to so many. Please help spread the word to other BJD fans you know~
Thank you for your time and thank you again to the amazing companies who donated the prizes!

To take a look at the sites of the wonderful donators, please see below: 

Ersa Flora Eyes-
Alice's Collections-

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