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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Most popular photos of 2014

I thought it would be a nice way to end the year to showcase some of the more popular BJD photos from this past year. I know it's been a slow year as far as my blogs have gone--I haven't been buying as many dolls as I did last year, and my next book is coming along oh-so-slowly. But I'm hoping to have it finished by this summer--and that's being really optimistic.

I've excluded duplicate photos (that is, dolls that show up from the same photo session) in this list.

In first place (actually, in the top three spots), it's Peak's Woods suntan Dlight, default face-up. I chose this photo, the most popular with 29 favorites. This doll totally captures my heart!

Lady Bee and Rex
In second place with 18 favorites, Lady Bee (hybrid Peak's Woods head/Doll Chateau kid body) makes an appearance with Rex, a resin BJD Pet from Eve Studio.

New peak's woods babies!
Next, coming in third, it's a limited edition Sir Tin Vampire Fairy Fairy of Fairytales (also by Peak's Woods). I think this photo shows off his makeup very well, but it was a quick deboxing photo taken with my iPhone.

Elf Tristan (also suntan by Peak's Woods) comes in at #4 with 16 favorites. I think she's amazing and definitely deserves more camera time.

Peak's Woods booth
In spot #5, it's another photo with 16 favorites, it's the Peak's Woods booth from the April Korean BJD show. I picked up Cosmo and Segi at this convention.

Queen Bee
Spot #6 (14 favorites) is taken by the Queen Bee herself. Lavin (Peak's Woods) is modeling a OOAK gown by MegannArt.

Dlight and Shaia
A comparison shot between Dlight (left) and Suntan Shaia, both by Peak's Woods, comes in at #7 with 14 favorites.

In 8th place with 12 faves, it's hybrid KoonieS (Peak's Woods/Doll Chateau). This also was an iPhone photo.

Hot Blooded Chloe

The Chicline girls have been the most spoiled dolls of the year. This is Chicline Chloe, in 9th place with 11 favorites. She's dressed in Hot Blooded, an outfit by Integrity Toys (for FR:16 dolls).

So pretty!

Last but not least, Cue (Peak's Woods Fairy of Color) takes up my 10th spot with ten favorites. This doll was sold as a full set.

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  1. So many pretties! ♡
    My fav would def be the top one of Dlight and then the one with Dlight and Shaian! *^^*
    btw, since you are on flickr I decided to follow you on there as well~
    Looking forward to seeing your pics more :D


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