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Monday, July 23, 2012

Monthly Fairies from Peak's Woods

PW Monthly Fairy - photo property of Peak's Woods.
You can complete your collection of these adorable tiny Fairies by Peak's Woods, sculpted and painted by KyungMin Lee. The base price is $50 for a blank fairy, or $99 for the full set. Options are also available customized and a la carte:

  • Choose your fairy
  • Add $15 if you'd like make-up
  • Two styles of wigs are available ($15 each)
  • Add and optional head part, which includes painting ($20)
  • Choose your eye color
There are seven fairies to choose from so far. In the photo above, from left to right:
  • Shooting Star
  • Wingky
  • Moonie
  • Woody
  • CoCo Rain
  • CloonieCoon
  • ShuShu
You can get one for free when you order one of the new dolls this month--either the White Queen or Queen of Hearts. Or... come see me at IFDC in Las Vegas this week!

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