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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Absolute Beauty Femme by Peak's Woods

Peak's Woods has announced a new body, Absolute Beauty, and for a limited time, it's on sale.

Through July 5-15, you can order one at a 10% discount, and include the Fairy of Color head of your choice as well.

The body is taller than the original Fairy of Color line, but it will fit SD13 outfits and FOC clothing, with perhaps a little bit a loose waist.

The improvements:

  • Double jointed elbow and knees - and check out the jointing carefully. These look like a brand new design to me. She can kneel with her legs completely under her, and the joints fit a little bit like a puzzle.
  • Her bust is larger than the FOC line - and while her waist is thinner, I think Peak's Woods has created an interesting combination of stylized anime and realism. I really love this shape! It's quite a contrast to the FOC curvier girls. Also, her articulation is now lined up right under the bust, so it gives her a smooth torso.
  • There is a special set of posing hands available for an additional $28.
  • She includes flat feet and an extra pair of high heel feet.

Her regular cost is $590, which includes your choice of any FOC head. The 10% discount gets you a blank doll for $531.

I see some of these girls coming home to me very soon! I just can't wait to see if she will stand as nicely as the FOC line does--but from her promotional photos, it sure looks like it!

Images are property of Peak's Woods.

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