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Monday, July 30, 2012

New basic BJDs from Peak's Woods

Love the new double jointed body from Peak's Woods? You're in luck! There are two new basic girls available to order - and you can get them as full sets as well! $590 will get you a basic doll in normal or white skin, with an extra pair of heel feet, eyes and a wig. Add $70 for make-up, $28 for posing hands, and $169 for the outfit.

Rogita is shown with the Rose Fantasy outfit.

Kisha is show in the Black Secret outfit.

The dolls are on the new Absolute Beauty Femme double jointed body.

The dolls include a free Monthly Fairy - Woody.

Photos property of Peak's Woods.

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  1. My first BJD doll in order since fell in love with BJD doll has been very careful to dress her.


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