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Friday, November 2, 2012

BJD Con in San Diego!

It's tomorrow!

Here is the information for the Wild Wicked West convention, San Diego's 4th Annual BJD Convention.

It's only $10 cash at the door for admittance - November 3, 2012. The vendors:

  • Pixiedust Design: Fashions for Tiny BJDs 
  • PamSD's Miniature Costuming: BJD Clothes for MSD, SD, and larger dolls 
  • Nancy Hay Decorative Arts: Hats 
  • Pinniped Designs: Pinniped Designs 
  • jennygrey: Clothing & Accessories for YoSD, MSD & SD 
  • Bats' Lagoon: Resin doll designed by Bats here in California 
  • Shiny Jumble: Jewelry and accessories for dolls of all sizes 
  • Ms. Cholong: DollHeart, Red Ruby, and JollyPlus 
  • MegannArt: BJD clothes and accessories for a variety of sizes 
  • Susan Lake Designs: Creates handmade, one of a kind and limited edition Headwear for BJD. 
  • Doll Peddlar: Our abundant inventory gives our customers a range of choices from basic play dolls to investment works of art. 
The theme:
This year's theme for the costume contest and display area is the Wild Wicked West!  So bring out your cowboy and cowgirl, your card shark and your saloon madam, your tinker and your blacksmith, your indian and your soldier, as well as all those supernaturals that gold country happened to uncover, dig up, or otherwise disturb!  If it happened in a spaghetti western, a fantasy western, a sci-fi western, or a gawd-awful B-movie western that was showcased on MST3K, then it happened here!
I'll be there--come see me and say hello! I have short blonde hair today, and I'll be bringing some fun Peak's Woods saloon girls.

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