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Friday, November 16, 2012

Melissa and the house of flying dollies

What I mean by "flying dollies" is that they tend to fly into and subsequently out of my possession. I am putting a couple of girls up for sale, and I wanted to give those who might not necessarily have access to DoA the chance to window shop.

I am going to be parting with two of my Soom girls: Cuprit and Alex. I have not yet listed Alex as I am awaiting a replacement part for her, but I am still putting her out there to see if there might be any interest.

First up is Soom's MD Cuprit, Black Frost.
This is the original version of Cuprit, and she is very nearly a fullset.

At $1400.00, she will include:
-head with default face-up
-human body               -fantasy body
-eyes (Cuprit default)  -wig (Cuprit default)
-horns                          -CoA
-Original Box

I am also parting with my Soom Alex. She is a gorgeous girl, but she is a little too similar to Amber, who I also own. Additionally, I am trying to change my collection around a little bit. Alex was Soom's New York Comic Con exclusive, and is somewhat hard to come by. Please note, this poor girl has a broken finger which is sort of a work in progress. I should be able to get a replacement hand, however!

At $580, she will include
-head with default face-up
-human body

I have discounted her price slightly to reflect the broken finger! Poor girl!

If you have any questions or are interested in either of these ladies, please don't hesitate to email me!

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