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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Update on my collection...

Iplehouse EID Yur
 I'm branching out, slowly but surely. I have an Iplehouse Yur EID on the way to me as of today, to be a big sister to Amy.

Iplehouse YID Rexy

On my wish list, I've since added YID Rexy, who is just lovely. I'm not quite sure between Rexy and Audrey--I love them both. I'm particularly smitten with the Real Skin color.

Feeple 70 Chloe

I'd also love to add Feeple or Minifee Mirwen or Chloe to my collection. I have my eye out for both of those girls.

Minifee Mirwen
I'm due for some additional photos, as my little Fairy of Fairytales tan Rabbit Goon and the new head Cheshire Goon have arrived. I'll try to take some today, after we're done with our cleaning frenzy at home.

Photo are property of Iplehouse and Fairyland.

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