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Friday, October 10, 2014

New Alice in Wickedland limited editions from Peak's Woods!

I love me an Alice in Wonderland-themed doll--it's what got me so enthralled in BJDs in the first place--and Peak's Woods has a delicious offering for Halloween!

Three full sets are available, and are also being offered as basics. Each doll is being offered in normal, white, and for an extra charge ($80) blue-grey or suntan

The White Rabbit uses the Dandy Tristan boy sculpt (he is their new large boy size and he is adorable!). His outfit includes a long sleeved shirt, vest, attached hood, pants, belt, scarf, stockings, fur wig modified with rabbit ears, tail, brooch, clock pendant, and pocket watch. The outfit is $139.

The Mad Hatter uses the Dandy Bella the Moon sculpt. His outfit is $129 and includes a woven shirt, corset, pants, hat, collar, and ribbon. His wig is an additional $13.

The basic version of the boy dolls includes random glass eyes, cotton cushions, and a certificate of authenticity. The price for the basic boys starts at $590.

Alice in Wickedland use the new FOC Tristan face sculpt, and she is just gorgeous. I think her face-up is amazing. Her adorable outfit is $129, and it includes a cream sleeveless dress, blue short-sleeved dress, bloomers, crinoline, stockings, ribbon, and two necklaces with pendants.

The basic version of FOC Tristan includes a default wig (blonde and wavy), random glass eyes, cotton cushions and a certificate of authenticity. It looks like she's been added to the permanent collection, too. She starts at $550.

Limited edition face-ups are $80, and the boys are painted by Nornen, Alice by KyungMin Lee. You can add hand blushing and painting for an additional $30. Jewel eyes are available for an additional $35.

I just ordered Dandy Tristan and Elf Tristan--but I so adore Peak's Woods suntan dolls. I am very, very tempted by The Mad Hatter. I have been thinking of adding another boy to my hoard... but I have to just sit on my hands!

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