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Friday, September 9, 2011

New Cristy Stone exclusives from DollHeart!!

You simply must check out these new DollHeart exclusives designed by Cristy Stone. This is her second project with DollHeart, and the designs are simply smashing steampunk inspired.

All outfits and dolls are limited editions of just 40 pieces, and available to order from the following DollHeart dealers:
First up--an exclusive doll by JollyPlus!

Limited edition Jise, $529, includes random eyes, LE makeup, cushion, box.
 Five limited outfits for $129.90 each:

LD-478, hat, top, shorts, sleeves, knee highs, neck accessory
LD-470: Goggles, coat, one-piece, suspender shorts
LD-467: Goggles, top, vest, half pants, waist accessory
LD-480: Hat, top, knee skirt, corset, socks, waist accessory, underwear
LD-481: Goggles, coat, tops, knee skirt
Two new pairs of boots, size for SD-13 girls, $42.90 per pair:

These items will sell out quickly, so be sure to order them while you can!

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