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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Details, details, details

In one section of my book, I discuss the idea of quality as far as ball-jointed dolls are concerned. Upon browsing the News forum today on Den of Angels, I came across an unknown-to-me BJD manufacturer, Rapa's Factory, and promotional photos of their new doll, Forest Fairy Bin.

I haven't ordered from this company before, but I am sorely tempted. This BJD is merely 16cm tall. That's a little over 6.25 inches. First, the doll has an adorable little face with huge eyes. What I observed most, however, is the dolls amazing feet. Look at the bottom of the feet--they are just amazingly sculpted.

This tiny doll is only available for preorder between December 6 through December 16, 11:59 PM South Korean time. The full-set price is $250, basic doll is $200, with shipping additional. Only white skin is available. The basic set includes both the basic and sleeping face, body, and random 12mm eyes. The full-set includes the body, the basic and sleeping faces, both with face-ups, wing parts and extra foot parts, and random eyes.

The body is double-jointed and has tons of articulation, which can be seen on their website in the doll parts section. The hands, feet and face-plates are attached with magnets.

Photos are property of Rapa's Factory.

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