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Monday, December 12, 2011

Peak's Woods HOORAY - introducing Shaia

Peak's Woods new Suntan FOC, Shaia.
I'm thrilled to tell you that I saw the website change this morning at 7AM PST to see Peak's Woods' brand new sculpt, Shaia. She is the new Fairy of Color - Silver, and stands 58cm tall. She will only be available to order through December 27.

This version is a limited edition suntan with limited edition make-up. (The gold glitter around her eyes is an option.) $622 is her retail with an additional $80 for a face-up. This will get you:

  • Fully assembled suntan Shaia
  • An extra pair of hand parts
  • Pair of random color 16-18mm eyes
  • A random color wig
  • A set of cushions and
  • Her Certificate of Authenticity.
Additionally, you may choose between the large or regular bust option, and whether you'd like to add gold glitter.

Shaia reminds me of a combination of Goldie, Briana and Lavin, and I think she's amazing.

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