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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wonderful interaction with eBay seller jeeryama

Recently indulging in my obsession for Alice, I came across another doll which I missed in January 2011. She is a Doll Leaves doll, limited to only 10, and an adorable 16cm tall.

She uses Doll Leaves JiaJia open mouth sculpt--perfect for Alice--and is a full-set. The doll JiaJia is no longer on the company website--but I was able to find her on jeeryama's eBay page. I hoped I could at least find the doll and recreate Alice in some way.

Before purchasing the doll, I emailed the seller, asking if perhaps her dress might still be available. Believe it or not, it was. So I am indeed able to purchase something close to the full-set of the doll! I'm so thrilled.

This seller has 100% positive feedback (3094), too. I'll keep you posted as to the length of delivery as well.

12/14/2012 UPDATE: She's arrived already, just as described and even earlier than promised. She's really adorable in person, too. I'll have real life photos coming soon, but in the meantime, I can't believe she only too two weeks. Amazing! Add Jeeryama to your eBay favorites!

Here is a link to jeeryama's store, Doll'sSinging. They have the following companies available: Angelfantasy, DBDoll, Dikadoll, Doll Chateau, Dall Family A- and H-line, Doll Leaves, Dollzone, FaCo-doll, Heisejinyao, Horus Doll, Illusion Spirit, Inifinite Love, King's Shop, Kui, LoongSoul, Los-Angel, Manual Doll, Mini Fairy Tale, OR-Doll, POPODOLL, Pullip, Red Doll, Ringdoll, and Siniland.

Photo property of Doll Leaves.

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