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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Resin Life - another great book

While you're on Amazon, you might consider checking out Wendy Reiswig Bailey's book, Resin Life. Currently on sale for $20.05, this lovely book illustrates the passion one ball-jointed doll collector has for her resin family. Originally published in December of 2008, this book is a poetic glimpse into the heart of this collector. I really love it.

This is from the description on Amazon:
The first of the modern Asian ball-jointed dolls hit the international market about ten years ago. Strongly influenced by the anime/manga culture, these dolls are made of high-quality polyurethane resin and strung with elastic cord to allow for posing of their intricately-jointed bodies. The dolls are often purchased blank, without eyes, hair, or face paint, allowing their owners to customize them into highly-unique pieces of art. Most of them are made in Japan, Korea, or China, and must be purchased through a buying service or broker. The largest forum dedicated to these dolls boasts a membership of nearly 20,000. This book is a series of photographs taken of dolls in the collection of Northern California artist Wendy Bailey, known as Cirquemom in the BJD community. Referred to by the artist as snapshots, the full-page, full-color photographs show the dolls in candid moments of daily life. This book is not a definitive tome on ball-jointed dolls nor their culture. The only writing in the book is a short introduction by the artist, who presents the photographs as simply a glimpse into the lives of these fascinating three-dimensional virtual life-forms.

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