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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eeek! Vampire Goldie available to order from Peak's Woods!

Vamp Goldie from Peak's Woods
Available from November 29 through December 13 only, this lovely new sculpt from Peak's Woods is available for $602. This price includes her limited edition face-up, the assembled Fairy of Color (58 cm or about SD13) doll, an extra pair of hands, random acrylic eyes, random wig, a pair of cotton cushions and certificate of authenticity. You may choose between a large or regular bust and white or normal resin.

She is the second in five holiday offerings from Peak's Woods this year. Tanned Goldie is also still available through December 6, when the next doll will be released, Vamp Briana.

Additionally, Peak's Woods has released a new YoSD-sized outfit, Snow White, and SD-sized outfit, Little Lady, on their website. Plus, a new long, straight blonde wig with bangs is available for YoSD-, MSD- and SD-sized dolls, as well.

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