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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Peak's Woods Christmas event!

FOC Tanned Goldie, limited edition. Photo property of Peak's Woods.
Oh my goodness--they are out to get me.

There are five new Christmas events happening now and later at Peak's Woods. Here they are:

Part 1. Tanned Goldie. The third release of tanned resin Goldie is being sold November 22 - December 6. $622 retail. She has optional limited edition make-up for an additional $80.

Part 2. Vamp Goldie. The first release of Wake-Up Goldie with vampire fangs will be sold from November 29 through December 13.

Part 3. Vamp Briana. First ever release of Briana with vampire fangs will be sold from December 6 through December 20.

Part 4. New FOC girl, tanned resin. Her color and name haven't been set yet. She will be available from December 13 through December 27. She will more than likely retail for $622, with a face-up for $80, but that hasn't been released yet.

Part 5. New FOC gift at 20% off. Basic version of the new FOC gig with a 20% off sale. Ordering period between December 20 through January 3.

The dolls will be released as they are for sale. Lay-away is a great option, so don't forget!

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