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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Zombie Wake-Up Cue

Wake-Up Cue "Zombie" 
As you all have seen, the Third Annual BJD Convention took place on Saturday, November 5, 2011. There was a pretty nice turn-out this year--I'd guess between 50-60 people. I really hope that's enough to schedule another one next year.

The theme: Supernatural Orleans: a tribute to vampires, zombies, voodoo, witches, and all things eerie and magical. Here are some photos of my entry, Zombie Wake-Up Cue. (Check out the difference between this girl and her default make-up!) Her zombie body make-up will be a tutorial in my next book, The BJD Enthusiast.

She has a limited edition face-up by Peak's Woods, based on the Two Sisters Lottie and Wake-Up Lottie girls. Unfortunately, Peak's Woods is no longer offering repeats of limited edition make-up, unless it's listed on their site. I was very fortunate that they honored my request for this gorgeous girl.

Wake-Up Cue's outfit is created out of the fake spiderwebbing that you can hang outside your house during halloween and ribbon.

Her jewelry by Tonner Doll Company, and is, believe it or not, from the Fashion Zombie Death Becomes Her.

You may wonder what will become of Cue after this? Well, body make-up is a cinch to remove, but I think I may do another freaky body blush on her next. Her face will eventually be perfect, I think, for Rococo styles. She's so haughty and lovely.

Arm "stitch" detail. Purple "bruising" part of her blush
The lovely, inviting Wake-Up Cue
Stitching on her leg, plus more blush detail.
Dirty toe pedicure
Overall look


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