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Friday, November 4, 2011

Bobobie Isabella

Bobobie Isabella
I'm a fan of the bargain BJD, and Bobobie and Resinsoul are no exceptions. Technically two separate Chinese ball-jointed doll companies, they work together and share sculpts and body types. The bodies come to you perfectly sanded, well cast, and with original sculpts. The prices are very reasonable. Isabella is a tiny doll, 27cm or about 10.5", and slimmer than YoSD sized dolls. She can wear some stretchy Barbie clothes, but her waist is thicker and bust slimmer.

This doll has has her face painted by Beesou of Overnight Flight on Den of Angels. Bobobies are available with a face-up for an additional $10, but they are usually very light. I'd recommend a new or at least enhanced face-up.

Some of the larger Bobobie dolls have some stringing issues, but these can easily be fixed by either tightening the elastic or switching to a slightly larger diameter (less stretchy) elastic. I'm happy to report that Isabella hasn't had any stringing problems.

She is available in-stock for purchase from Junkyspot or Denver Doll Emporium for $88 blank or $98 with a face-up. Because of the ordering time length, many dealers won't accept preorders for these dolls. Pre-orders can take between 8-16 weeks or even longer. The dolls are available in many colors, including white, tan, light tan, pink, green, blue, lilac, normal skin, and sky blue.

Outfit credits: Isabella is wearing a wig by Peak's Woods, acrylic eyes and a dress from Hallmark exclusive Barbie, My Fair Valentine from 1997.

See larger photos on Flickr.




  1. What size eyes does Isabella wear?

    1. Great question! I think she's wearing 14mm in these photos, so not too tiny for a slim tiny doll. I'm pretty sure she can also wear 12mm for a more realistic look. (Just to be sure--you may want to check with your dealer--they may have better recommendations for you. Bobobie and Resin Soul sculpts tend to vary widely in eye size, even in the same height class.) I don't have her in my collection anymore (she's with my daughter now), so she isn't handy to check.


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