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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sneak peek of DollHeart Rococo items...

Chana LD-471, SD10/13 Girl, hat, choker, dress, long skirt, cage crinoline, eyeshade
 What is up with those people over there? I swear, these people must be spying on me. I don't have price or dates yet, but I did find a couple of new items at the DollHeart website this morning:

Alycia LD-498, SD10/13 Girl, includes dress, choker, pin, long skirt and petticoat.
Additional selections have been added to the SD13 girl size:

Jen LD-460, includes hat, choker, dress, long skirt, eyeshade, cage crinoline, gloves, and garter belt with socks.
Trista LD-479, includes vest, top, petticoat, long skirt, hat, eyeshade, choker, sleeves, and garter belt with socks.
To my delight, there are new additions to the SD16 girl category as well. These fit my Super Gem bodied Peak's Woods girl.

Dianna GD-7, includes hat, choker, gloves, petticoat and dress.
Lorrain GD-8, includes hat, long skirt, one piece dress, cage crinoline, choker, garter belt with socks, gloves,  and cape.
I believe these two MSD-szied outfits are also part of the same collection.
Marcella MD-141, includes hat, collar, dress, long skirt, eyeshade, cage crinoline, and garter belt with socks.
Ireland MD-153, includes hat, top, gloves, collar, one-piece dress, and socks.
Then, I'm not sure if these YoSD items are part of this collection or not, but these are definitely Alice-related.
Queen of Hearts YD-122, includes nat, heck accessory, vest, hand accessory, knee skirt, cage crinoline, and silk stockings.
Cortez YD-103, includes top, coat, hat, necktie, belt, and pants. 
Little Colonel YD-118, hat, coat, shirt, tie, pants, belt, and shawl.

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