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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kim Lasher's 2012 releases

Kim Lasher has released four new gorgeous BJDs at IDEX, and they are simply scrumptious.

Fiona is limited to 100 dolls worldwide, retails for $655, and features a hand-painted face-up, red ponytails, and a casual look. She stands 15.5" tall.

Lydia Grimmsley is a new size this year, close to YoSD or about 11" tall, and is a gothic-inspired cutie. She limited to 100 and retails for $495 and can wear most clothing designed for YoSD dolls.

Eryka is a 23" offering and features a cute knit zebra cap, black wig, tulle skirt and fuzzy pink skirt with black sweatshirt. She's limited to just 75 pieces and retails for $925.

Eden uses the same sculpt as Eryka, only in a tan resin. Her outfit is similar, with a black tulle skirt, pink fuzzy shirt, leopard sweatshirt, and gray knit cap. She also is limited to 75 and retails for $925.

As to be expected with Kim's dolls, these girls will sell out quickly on pre-orders, so be sure to order them from your favorite dealer soon, if one (or more) catches your fancy. Happily Ever After, The Toy Shoppe and Denver Doll Emporium are some of my favorites.

Photos property of Lasher BJDs.

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