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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mystery doll on Peak's Woods!

A new girl posted on Peak's Woods website this morning
Could this be one of the new Monthly Dolls, Shushu, created by Peak's Woods? Wow, she is lovely! I'm in love with her limited edition make-up--those adorably sad eyebrows, fuchsia lips, smokey eyes and a tear. Match it all together with blue hair, and she's stolen my heart.

Her face reminds me of an earlier sculpt, Yulli, with her full cheeks, defined chin and open mouth. Her eyes appear closer set and (at least from this angle) more on a plane, and less angular. She is indeed lovely.

You have a chance to win a monthly doll, you know--if you enter the design competition. It ends January 25, 2012, so don't delay!

UPDATE: The beautiful blue girls isn't ShuShu. This lovely little guy is!

You can win him for free, simply by coming up with the most fun, most good or unique idea for captioning the photos on the Peak's Woods website, which can be found here. Event period is from January 25-31 this year.

The winning entry will appear in ShuShu's office page.

You can also get him as a free gift when you place an order for any full doll. 

I love this little guy. Lots of PW flavor squished into a tiny little doll! So adorable! And I also asked about the lovely blue girl above, and I'll keep you posted. :)

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