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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Viyol Hybrid

Viyol Hybrid by alington
Viyol Hybrid, a photo by alington on Flickr.
The lovely Viyol in a brand new dress by jennygrey designs--Viyol is trying out a new look. She is a hybrid today: using her own Peak's Woods head and hands, and a Dollmore Zaoll body (white skin--just a little too white for her). (Jen takes commissions on this style of knit bodice, chiffon outer later dress, and she has many fabric choices, as well. Drop her a line through her Etsy shop!)

The neck is a very nice fit, and the body is a bit shorter and slimmer than regular Peak's Woods bodies, giving her a petite look. (She stands about 52cm tall.) She looks really cute next to her taller sisters, especially next to Super Lavin. I still need to work on her body's stringing, however--it's a little loose for my taste, and has trouble standing as solidly as Peak's Woods bodies do (right out of the box).

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