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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Peak's Woods design contest and updates

There is a new design contest from Peak's Woods! This is the notice from the news board:

Hi, this is Peak's Woods.
We'd be happy to let everyone know that it's our 10th anniversary.
We are certainly sure that we could never made it here today without your love and interest.
For that reason we do thank you all for your great love and support towards us and
therefore we PW promise full of surprises and events to make your 2012 even more special.
Here comes the first event.
We PW are holding a PW Design Contest.
This design will be used for a mug cup that will be given to the customers as a thank you gift.
And it will also be on the PW staff T-shirt for all the domestic and international doll conventions.
Here are the details regarding the design.
*Design must be sent in JPEG format, 600 pixcels for printing.
*There is no limit in color.
*Design should include ''.
*Design should be sent to our Photo Gallery directly or email it to us
at ""
*The winning images will be the property of PW.
*Grand prize : Any PW doll the winner selects
Prize for Fun idea
Prize for great idea
Prize for creative idea : Three winners above will be given PW monthly fairy(there will
be a notice regarding it soon)
*Contest Entering Period : Jan. 10 ~ Jan. 25
We are looking forward to many fun and brilliant ideas of yours.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
And remember this following event is for all the PW fans and fellows.
So please don't hesitate to enter and have fun with us.
We wish you all a grand new year~~~!!!

Also, the three Fairy of Fairytales heads form the limited edition Alice in Wickedland collection are now available as basic. The heads are $100 each, and $60 additional for a face up. The dolls are $252 blank, normal or white skin, with boy or girl bodies, and you can add $60 for a face up, $25 for blank rabbit ears ($30 with blushing), $20 for blank cat ears ($25 with blushing).

By the way, you all did notice "monthly fairy" in there, didn't you??

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