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Monday, August 13, 2012

Amelia Thimble specials and new items!

There are some very special deals happening at Wilde Imagination right now through August 17 at 9 PM EST only. You can get free continental shipping and special pricing on two items:

Basic Amelia - just $99 (retail $145)
Sew Enchanting outfit - just $45 (retail $65)

All other customers, just email your order to customer service (see the instructions here) for a $9.95 credit toward shipping charges.

The doll includes a faceup and basic outfit. The outfit includea dress, wings, shoes, and her own little doll. So cute!

While you're visiting, check out the new additions--such as Hamish and Izzy, two new friends, and On Pins & Needles Amelia. Additionally, several new outfits and accessory sets have been added:

If you collect any type of small doll--LaTi or Puki--these sets might be perfect for you. Amelia is only 4" (about 10.2 cm) tall, so keep these in mind! This is between Real Puki and Puki Puki, or close to LaTi White size.

Photos property of Wilde Imagination.

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