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Friday, August 10, 2012

New KiD Line announced by Iplehouse

Joy Special Edition
Iplehouse has introduced a new line to its dolls - KiD - and is offering two new limited edition dolls from August 9 through September 2, Joy and Lonnie. Base price starts at $276, and this includes the assembled 34.5 cm doll, random eyes, manual, box, and certificate.

  • Both dolls are available as boys or girls, with a general body or mobility body (which adds $10). 
  • Skin colors available: white skin, normal skin, peach gold (add $15) and special real (add $30).
  • There are three face-ups available, which add an additional $50.
  • There are two baroque outfits available - boy ($121) and girl ($157). Shoes are an additional $29 per pair.
  • There are also two punk outfits available - boy ($135) and girl ($143). Shoes are are an additional $41 per pair.
  • Six wig styles are available, five are $24, and one is $21.

Additionally, you will receive a free set of underwear when you order more than one KiD doll. Oh, they are so sweet.

Lonnie Special Edition

Photos are property of Iplehouse.

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