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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wow--the Leeke event wigs are here already!

Peak's Woods Lady Alice in soft mint with braided buns
I asked the wonderful staff at Denver Doll Emporium for Girly styles in "fantasy" colors, and I placed my order on Saturday. The wigs arrived Monday--that is, yesterday--and I'm in southern California.

I really couldn't be more excited. It's a fantastic deal!

Check out the first few shots of my lovely girls' new rainbow looks!

Limhwa Mimi in a gorgeous yellow waves - so soft and lovely

Hauntingly beautiful Val Zeitler Peak's Wood Sonja (Wake-Up Goldie) in a pink wig with long curls in the back, short at the top)

Peak's Woods Viyol in a lovely dark violet spiral curled wig

Demure Morimoth (also Peak's Woods) in a super soft light pink and blonde straight wig with bangs

On the left Lady Bee in a slate blue straight wig with bangs and bows,
Mia de Butterfly in her default teal wig by Peak's Woods

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