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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kickstarter event update from the Meet Me In St. Louis BJD Convention

Press release from the St Louis BJD Convention:

We're so excited to be hosting the first annual St. Louis BJD Convention on November 17th, 2012! To raise funds for this event, we've launched a Kickstarter here:

Our convention is centrally located in the Gateway to the West. We have three amazing guests: 
Paulette Goodreau
Sarah Seiter, known as the Mushroom Peddler
Alison Rasmussen, well-known to anyone who reads this blog!

We have a whole day of programming planned, plus a dealer's room, contests, workshops, discussion panels, and food. Your registration covers meals including the Awards Banquet with our guests. We are also planning a happy hour event on Friday the 16th at our official hotel, and a meet on Sunday to show off some of the awesome locations in the St. Louis area.

Kickstarter is a pledge drive where you pledge at any level that you choose. Minimum donation pledge is $1 but there are lots of levels and each is associated with a special gift created by our committee for our supporters. Even if you can't come to the convention, you can help support our efforts with your pledge.
If we meet our goal you get the gifts you have chosen, and are charged on September 1st for your pledge. Anyone who pledges to get their preregistration is guaranteed a spot and will be registered regardless. If we do not meet our goal you will receive information on how to arrange your payment. 
We can make this event happen without the Kickstarter, but we wanted to promote through Kickstarter to try to raise additional funds that would otherwise be out-of-pocket for us. We also want to handle all of our pre-registration through the Kickstarter so that we can provide Sarah Seiter with an accurate number of dolls. She needs lead-time to produce the dolls and needs to know how many dolls to order well in advance. Sarah is providing us with a special doll following our "Year of the Dragon" sub-theme!

It's the last minute! Help support the first Midwestern BJD convention in the United States!

Jenny Evans and Tricia Overkamp
Chairman and Assistant Chairman
St. Louis BJD Convention
November 17, 2012
OBC Educational Center
Official hotel: St. Louis Airport Hilton (Shuttle service to the convention will be provided)
Kickstarter (until August 31)

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