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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The DollHeart Fer and you

Detailed shot of DollHeart's Black Fer coat. Gorgeous fabric, teeny tiny button. Only one is buttoned.
The DollHeart Fer belongs in every large ball-jointed doll girl's wardrobe. It is, simply put, a work of art. In the book, I briefly described the Fer as: a "type of outfit (long ruffled dress with a hooded, long ruffled cape) manufactured by DollHeart. Some DollHeart dealers sell exclusive colored Fers, created by DollHeart."

View of the coat
That description simply doesn't do the Fer justice. Now, after a glass of wine and spending 20 minutes putting on a single glove (for the third or fourth time), I'd love to delve more deeply into my confusing love/hate relationship with the Fer.

Each Fer outfit includes the following pieces:
  • cotton dress, with a tank top shaped bodice and drop-waisted partial circle skirt, trimmed with unfinished edged ruffles
  • coordinating petticoat to support the skirt's volume
  • coordinating coat, made with a horizontal lace/ribbon-like fabric, with a pointed hood and asymmetric buttoned front with about a bazillion button closure
  • pair of matching chiffon fingerless gloves, which lace all the way up to the doll's upper arms
  • coordinating choker
The Fer is available in a monochromatic color scheme, black or white being the most common, and other colors (dusty rose, light pink, coral, wine, indigo and purple) being available as exclusive editions or special events. The retail usually ranges between $90-120, depending on the edition size, for a large BJD. They are available in mini and tiny sizes, as well.

When I first saw a Fer in an owner photo, I thought the outfit simply beautiful. I didn't rush out to buy one--I mean, I didn't add it to my BJD priority list spreadsheet. However, I confess when my friend Melissa showed me the one she had in real life, I was blown away. DollHeart's quality is usually amazing; to see the workmanship in the Fer is a whole 'nother story. I was in love. Priority spreadsheet aside, I pre-ordered the Black Fer from DollHeart for my Peak's Woods princesses. I ignored Melissa's comments about the buttons on the Fer's coat and lacing the gloves--considering that she perhaps might be an impatient BJD collector, forever changing her doll collecting (by selling them to me).

When my black version arrived, I was equally impressed. The dress went on easily and fit my large bust Peak's Woods girl like a glove. The petticoat equally so. Next, to get the lacing gloves to fit, I tried:
  • sliding them on,
  • removing my girl's hand, putting the hand in the glove, and then slipping the sleeve up her arm,
  • unlacing the glove (this is the worst idea of all!),
  • relacing the glove, and, finally,
  • sliding the glove, slowly and gently, up my girl's arm for the second time.
Then, I had to do the other arm. I had to go to the medicine cabinet and take a legal chill pill. Fortunately, only the coat was the last piece left. That's when I saw the many teeny, tiny buttons, which required my reading glasses to see. So, I put on my glasses, put the coat on the doll (which covered up the damned gloves), and proceeded to take 15 minutes to button a single button.

Peak's Woods Segi, wearing the Fer without coat
We'll just say Sonja wore the Fer for quite a while without the coat, and she loved it.

I did eventually get the rest of the buttons done: the fabric with the buttons holes is enforced and a little stiff, and you have to be very careful not to accidentally lose a button while you're doing them up, which would then require sewing! However, Sonja looked lovely with the coat. The hood is adorable. The black fabric did not stain my white resin doll.

After trying the outfit on two other dolls (the latest was this evening), I came up with a brilliant solution: next time, I'm going to remove my doll's head, and keep the Fer on the body. I'll just pop on a different  head, and save myself two hours of delightful (or not) dressing time! Who even cares if the resin matches? Is it worth my health and eye sight?

I do have to say, the outfit is beautiful--probably the most beautiful outfit I own. Well, one of the most beautiful, if I didn't feel like the Fer had a personal vendetta against me.

I have to admit: if I found an indigo or purple (maybe it was called Iris?) version, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a second one!


  1. I just happened to run across this post on Facebook and I do have a dark purple Fer (MSD size) for sale on Den of Angels, if you're interested!

  2. Thanks, Krissy! I'll have to check it out. :)


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