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Monday, June 27, 2011

Trick for getting S-hooks over elastic loops

I was struggling with restringing the other day--I was trying to show a neighborhood teen how easy it was, and it was a little early for an alcoholic beverage (plus, it wouldn't have set a very good example, quite frankly)--and I was using the last elastic I had on hand, which was too large for my MSD-sized doll. (Stupid, stupid, stupid. Always use the right tools for the job.)

At any rate, I was able to make it work, and I came across a trick for getting the tiny hand hooks through large loops of elastic that I had to share.

Instead of trying to "hook" the open end of the S shape onto the elastic loop at the end of the wrist or ankle joint, this is what you need to try:

  1. Make certain that you have the loop held in place with you hemostats at the ankle or wrist.
  2. Push one half of the S-hook through the loop of elastic.
  3. Twist the S-hook up, and it will magically slide onto the loop, through the middle of the S, rather than through the end of the S.
This allows you to hook the loop onto the elastic without wearing down the end of the elastic, or worrying about having to open the S hook more. It's a fun little trick!

I actually did this with the hand already attached to the hook, so it was a cinch to get the doll's hand in place. Give it a try, and tell me what you think. Have you all been doing this for years, and I just figured it out?


  1. Neat trick, any advice on removing a head for rerooting?

  2. Thanks. Well, most BJDs are wigged, so this won't help you much. I can say that if you're having trouble removing a strung doll's head, keep in mind that the doll's S- or D-hook hold about two thirds of the pressure in the first elastic loop which allows it to stand.

    What I do for resin dolls and BJDs: Slide a pipe cleaner through that D- or S-hook at the head, and grab it with pliers. Then, holding the doll firmly by the shoulders, lift the pliers straight up. You should be able to turn the head to get the hook out of the notch that holds the hook in place.

    Lowering the pliers and the pipe cleaner should allow you to then simply lift the head off.

    If your BJD is rooted, it's probably rooted on just the scalp. You may only have to remove the head-cap instead of the entire head to see what's underneath. In my experience, rooting resin is very difficult, so wigs (glued, if necessary) is the way to go.

    For vinyl dolls: Most vinyl dolls have a T-shape holding their heads in place, which is a different type of plastic than the rest of the head. It's attached to the body of the doll. I've heard that holding the doll's neck (but not her hair) over a cup of just boiling water for about 35 second can soften the neck plastic and steam it just enough to make removal easier.

    Then, if you push down toward her neck, and then pull off the head, you will loosen the neck anchor (that T-shape plastic piece) without injuring it or cracking the neck.

    Hope this helps! :)


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