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Monday, June 20, 2011

A tidbit fact on the cover art for the book.

Peak's Woods Goldie,
in Val Zeitler's Under the Boardwalk
Have you been following me on the Fashion Doll Review about the progress of this book? Do you remember the first draft's cover art? It featured this lovely photo of Goldie, Fairy of Color by Peak's Woods, dressed in a Val Zeitler/DollHeart fashion called Under the Boardwalk.

Perhaps you've noticed it's changed a little bit since that first proof was printed. Interested in why?

Even if you aren't, here it is:

I actually traded this doll, my very first Goldie, with my editor, Melissa. I already own a second Goldie (Val Zeitler's exclusive Claudine Belmont, with the vampire marks on her torso, also through Haute Doll magazine), and I couldn't justify keeping both dolls on hand.

At one point, I even had a third Goldie, who was repainted by the artist Leah Lilly of Froggyduds. She was eventually traded with another friend in our group, named Kathie.

At any rate, I changed the photo to a new one featuring Lavin, also by Peak's Woods, because I wanted to use a cover photo of a doll in my current collection, as lovely as Goldie is. So there you have it!

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