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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Identifying Peak's Woods FOC sculpts

Sleeping Cue, no longer available. Notice Cue's pointed chin.
    Sleeping Yami

A refresher: FOC = Fairy of Color. That's the term Peak's Woods uses for their large ball-jointed doll.

A quick pointer, if you have the doll in person: Peak's Woods usually stamps their head sculpts on the inside of the head, both the name of the doll and the year it was first made. This is the easiest way to get the doll's name.

How to identify a Peak's Woods doll FOC head

Look at the doll's eyes. If the doll's eyes are completely closed, you need to email me right away and send me that head. If the mouth is open, you have a Sleeping Yami. If the mouth is closed, you have a Sleeping Cue. These sculpts were only available through DollHeart years ago, and haven't been available for a while. I've wanted one forever, and have been pestering Peak's Woods to make a new (or older) sleeping sculpt for a while. (You can sometimes see these girls, especially Sleeping Cue, modeling DollHeart outfits.)

If the doll's eyes are partly closed, look at her lips. If her lips are open, look at her chin. If her chin is pointed (like a triangle), you have Wake-Up Cue. If she has a slight overbite, high cheekbones and nose is just a little pinched at the end, this is Wake-Up Goldie. If her cheeks are full, her eyes are large and wide set, and her nose is very turned up, you've got Yeru the Soul. If her cheeks are very full and her upper lip sticks out farther than her lower lip (as though she has an overbite), this is Wake-Up Lottie.

Now, ignore the eyes for a moment, and look at the lips. If the doll has an open mouth, this is Viyol, Yami or Yulli. Viyol's face is angular, and she has a pointed chin. When you look at her from the top, her face is angled. Her lips are full, and she has heavy eye lids. Yami and Yulli look very similar and are the hardest to tell apart, in my opinion. The differences I see: Yami's eyes are wider set, and her chin is more defined. Her eye lids are wider than Yulli's. Yulli's mouth is open a little wider, her upper lip is less defined, and her nose is more upturned. Her cheeks are fuller and she has a more innocent look.

If you haven't found your doll yet, look at your doll's eyes again. If they are large, you probably have either Skiya, Cue or Yeru. Skiya can wear either 18-20mm, and she can have an almost smiling (or at least serene) expression on her face. Her nose is only slightly upturned. Cue is easily identified by her pointed chin and large forehead. Her nose is very straight. Yeru can be recognize by her 20mm eyes and her upturned nose. Her eye sculpt is also very round at the top and flatter on the botton. Yeru is very young and sweet looking.

Seven sculpts remain. Let's examine the lips again. If you see an obvious overbite with full cheeks, you probably have either Lavin or Lottie in your hands. Lottie looks younger and has a full round face, like a young girl or a fairy. (If your doll has a face-up, there are two versions: the face-up with browns, golds and yellow eye shading is Lottie Real. The face with nose blushing, browns and neutral eyes is Lottie Ani.) Lavin's face is also young, but her eye sculpt allows her to look slightly more realistic. Her face is more heart-shaped and thinner at the temples.

Lavin as some similar features to Briana. Her lips are similar, but Briana is much more realistic. Her eyes are smaller than the other Peak's Woods sculpts, and her nose is slightly bigger. Her lips are puckered in a real "kiss" shape. The two face-up versions are Sweet Milk (in neutral, lighter shades with light lips) and Sweet Dark (darker eyes and lips). The next "realistic" sculpt is Segi. She is seen less frequently, but is very versatile. She has larger eyes than Briana, and her face is rounder. Segi's eyes are deeply set, and an interestingly shaped stretched oval.

The last three sculpts are Goldie (one of Peak's Woods most popular), Mintie and Sky. Goldie's nose is upturned and slightly pinched at the end, her eyes are wide set, and her mouth is full and pouty. Mintie's eyes are wider set, large, and her nose is slightly upturned at the end. She has a realistic chin and full cheeks. Her expression might be serene or pouty. Sky is a very pouty thing. She's haughty and gorgeous. She has deeply set eyes, an upturned nose, a rounded chin, and a much softer face shape than the other Peak's Woods dolls. Her eye shape sags in the middle.
    I hope this helps. If you have a question about a face sculpt, feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment.

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    1. Since this post, Peak's Woods has added several new sculpts to its repertoire, including a limited edition Sleeping Cue, several vampire girls (Vampire Goldie and Vampire Briana, basic editions to be added soon), and a new basic Shaia.


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