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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Moonlight Waltz

Moonlight Waltz by alington
Moonlight Waltz, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Tonner Doll's new Moonlight Waltz (for their line of vinyl 22" American Model dolls) has arrived, and Rogita Blossom (Peak's Woods) loves her new look.

The outfit is a perfect fit--no alterations were necessary to put it on her Absolute Beauty body. Sometimes the sleeves are a little narrow for the BJD's hands in American Model outfits. With another outfit, if I recall, I had to open the back seam to fit her hips through. But Moonlight Waltz is a perfect fit.

It's very well made--the ruffles and details on the hips and the skirt are just amazing, and the one-shoulder design is lovely, too.

The included wig is sized closer to 7/8, so this size doll can't wear it (but MSD sized dolls should be able to). Plus the shoes are small, and I haven't tried the gloves--though I assume they will be a little narrow for her hands.

Check out Flickr for more photos.

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