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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Skiya in Jennygrey

Skiya in Jennygrey by alington
Skiya in Jennygrey, a photo by alington on Flickr.
One of my gorgeous girls who doesn't get enough playtime--this is Skiya (white skin) FOC by Peak's Woods. This girl was a limited edition doll, released with a Sadol outfit (Raspberry) at Christmas time a few years ago.

Skiya was almost my first BJD, but I ended up going with Sky instead. Denver Doll had been a dealer, and they had both girls in stock. But I wanted the large bust and white skin--if I recall, Skiya had a small bust and normal skin.

She's absolutely amazing. I'm so glad I waited to get this girl. She's got super-soft facial screening and a near smile. She's probably my least crabby BJD.

She's wearing an outfit by Jennygrey, a Leeke wig, and glass eyes, which are some of my favorites. (Skiya doesn't want to share them, though!)

You can see more photos on Flickr.

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