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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Two new Utopia tan dolls from Peak's Woods

Bella the Moon - Utopia Revolution SideA

Wow--Peak's Woods has announced the release of two new tan dolls for the Dolltopia convention.

Bella the Moon - Utopia Revolution SideA - notice her mouth is painted closed--OMG!

Redesigned Lottie - Utopia Revolution SideB
Redesigned Lottie - Utopia Revolution SideB - Did you miss her the first time around? (I did!)

Bella's outfit
Full set outfit is designed by Corona for the normal bust size. Bella's includes pants, blouse, choker, gloves, belt and long cape.

Lottie's outfit

Lottie's outfit is a little different and includes shorts, a sleeveless top, brooch, long gloves, belt, train and a hood. (The first two outfits created for AB dolls (Kisha and Rogita) were designed by Corona, and they remain my top favorites and far as fit, quality and attention to detail. In fact--I might ask if they'd consider selling the outfit alone!)

The outfit adds $221, boots are $36, and make-up will add $80. You have your choice of A or B Absoulte Beauty double-jointed body (tan!) and either normal or small bust. No price has been added for the dolls yet, but they are usually a little more to pour than regular dolls when tan.

The dolls are limited to only 20 each, and the ordering period is March 22 through April 22 (or till the dolls have sold out), and will be offered with a 5% discount during the first week, March 22 through March 28.

Dolls include random glass eyes, special hands, extra heel feet, random wig, box, CoA, cushions and box.

Also, shipping costs will apply only to the doll, and the remaining items will be shipped for free.

This time--if you're choosing lay-away, Peak's Woods is asking for at least $100 down, or $100+the entire cost of the outfit ($321) if you're ordering an outfit. Shipment will be about 50-60 days.

Additionally, if you will be attending Dolltopia, check out this list. Peak's Woods will be offering their dolls at 10% off in stock dolls, offer free shipping to Korea and Thailand, and 5% off all pre-orders. Plus, you will be able to see the first ball-jointed versions of the Monthly Fairies--all twelve. (Someone better take photos for me!) :)

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