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Friday, May 31, 2013

Iplehouse offering--BID Bonnie basic!

Oh, she's so cute! I liked her during the Christmas special and in the CDS, but the new basic BID Bonnie is even cuter!

She's $230 as a base price for a 26 cm doll, and you can upgrade her for $10 for peach gold skin and $20 special real. Add a mobility joint for $10, and make up (two styles) for $40. I have to say--type A with freckles (shown here) is adorable.

Photo property of Iplehouse.

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  1. Isn't she the cutest? Non of the BIDs had really caught my attention until I saw her yesterday. I still think I'll try to save up for Tania first, but I just might have to get Bonnie at some point to be her little sister. :)

    --Kate :)


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