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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Volks Dolpa 28 begins May 18!

Now that I've seen how well Volks outfits fit the Iplehouse nYid large bust body, I've been stalking their website. I've discovered the latest Dolpa release is scheduled May 18, beginning at 11 AM PST. You can either go to the LA store and start lining up at 10:30 am to receive your lottery number, or go online.

You're limited to one of each item per customer, and you can read the rules here. Plus, you can see a preview of the items here. Some of the items I adore are:

Whipped Mint Cake Dress Set - MSD sized
Raspberry Chocolate Cup Dress Set - MSD sized
Raspberry Chocolate Cake Dress Set - this is the size that Rexy can wear!
Bittersweet Chocolate Cake Pants Set - and another one!

And while I'm looking, I found this from the regular line:

Wine Red Party Dress


I think it's time to stop looking!

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