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Thursday, May 2, 2013

On the issue of pronunciation...

If there is one thing in the BJD world that I just can't get right, it's pronunciation. A number of companies have released dolls with names that I feel I have to mumble to avoid getting made fun of.

Cuprit (Soom): (KOO-PRYT?) (KUH-PRIT?)
 I am pretty sure the intention was to name this lovely girl after the mineral cuprite -- pronounced KYOO-PRAHYT. I have heard this name butchered beyond belief - and I am a CULPRIT (see what I did there?).

KoonieS (Peak's Woods):
I am pretty sure I know HOW to say it. Whether or not I SHOULD say it is a different matter altogether...

Doll names aside, there are some COMPANY names that I feel I don't pronounce correctly.

I want to know how the Koreans say this. I also really want it to not rhyme with "nipple."

Luts: (LOOTS?) (LUHTS?)
One of the first lovingly doled titles that I stumbled upon in this hobby was "Luts Sluts." Depending on pronunciation, that joke kind of stops working.  



Heisejinyao Ziyulinglong: Um...let's just say that I'm glad they changed it to HZ Doll...

Unoa: (OO-NO-AH?) (YOU-KNOW-UH?)
You never see it written out in katakana...SO IT'S A MYSTERY.

 Have you struggled with a dolly or company name? Do you know the correct pronunciation of any of these? Please, share with us!

^How do you say this little guy's name?
Pic from jciardha & IMPLdoll

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  1. LOL! I know how to say that guy's name, and I think I even touched it!


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